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Advance American History 121
Explores events, trends, peoples, groups, cultures, ideas, and institutions in North America and United States history, including the multiple perspectives of gender, class, and ethnicity, between the period when Native American Indians were the sole inhabitants of North America and the American Civil War. Focuses on developing, practicing, and strengthening the skills historians use while constructing knowledge in the discipline.~~This course is one of the Statewide Guaranteed Transfer courses. GT-HI1 Google Classroom  Syllabus Schoology
Advanced American History 122
Google classroom     Syllabus    Schoology
This one-semester course is designed to educate students in the basic methods and concepts associated with geographic education as outlined by the Colorado Model Content Standards for Geography. Students taking this course will be engaged in the comprehension of geographic vocabulary; construction and usage of basic geographic tools such as maps, globes, scale, and others. Students will gain comprehension of the physical and human systems to gain an understanding of how and why people and places related to each other, and learning about the physical processes that shape the earth.
This course will cover Basic knowledge about American government, history, and institutions, such as Congress, the Presidency, Federal Courts, and their equivalents at state and local levels will create a greater understanding of the United States Government and improved decision-making skills.  During the first nine weeks of the semester, students will learn the basic knowledge needed to become an informed citizen.  During the second nine-weeks the course will focus on street law.  Students will be introduced to the legal system through criminal and juvenile law, torts, family law, and individual rights and liberties.  Guest speakers and co-presenters may include School Resource Officer, Local Lawyers, Local City Council Members, and Local Judges.  This course will help students understand the connection between the government and their own lives. Google Classroom Syllabus Schoology
Class Description:Special Topics in Social Studies is an elective course in which students analyze, evaluate, develop and appraise topics that include aspects of Social Studies. Students apply critical thinking techniques to social issues such as political, geographical, economical, and multicultural issues. Through this process, students will be working with different technology platforms such as, but not limited to, documentaries, websites, Google, Microsoft, map and timeline apps, etc.. Google Classroom Syllabus Schoology
2020 Honors Geography HGTV Hometown Grant Video
The study of the Mind is a journey through all of the major psychological concepts and principles. The knowledge gained from this course will allow students to critically evaluate psychological research and have a more in-depth understanding of human thought and behavior.     Syllabus Google ClassroomSchoology
National History Day®(NHD) is a non-profit education organization based in College Park, Maryland. NHD offers year-long academic programs that engage over half a million middle- and high-school students around the world annually in conducting original research on historical topics of interest. Since 1974, NHD has continuously improved history education by providing professional development opportunities and curriculum materials for educators. The largest NHD program is the National History Day Contest that encourages more than half a million students around the world to conduct historical research on a topic of their choice. Students enter these projects at the local and affiliate levels, with top students advancing to the National Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park.  Southeast Colorado National History Day
Academic Success is a study hall period in which you are able to work on classroom assignments and homework independently. Your participation in this class will help you manage your time and stay caught up on your schoolwork so you can have a successful academic year!             Google Classroom
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